Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Back to School Travel


            If you still have kids of any age at home you are probably not even thinking about travel right now, but now might be the best time to hit the road for a quick trip before school starts.  With less people traveling and many getting ready for school it’s the perfect time to find and take advantage of those deals.  Weekday travel is hot right now, with less people dining out and fewer of those great places to stay being booked up by families. 

               So hit the road and find a new favorite place to visit, to get away just before school starts or even after school starts on the weekend to take a little breather before all the after-school activities start back up. 

               Now is an even better time to travel especially if you no longer have kids at home.  Take advantage of fewer people on the roads and in restaurants or at your favorite spot to get away.  Many towns are still hosting summer festivals or farmers markets, so you will not be left wanting. 

               Hit the road for your next great adventure and discover something new!

Our town of Sulphur Springs, has a few exciting events on the calendar for the remaining weekends in August.  The movie night on the Square has two more showings before the end of the season and the Celebration Market will finish out the month. 

               Never to be left out the Hopkins County civic center is hosting the Hunt County Horseman’s association show and the Beef Masters cattle show.  Check out their calendar here for more great events that you might not want to miss. 

               If you don’t want to mess with the crowds, be sure to check out one of the many lakes in the surrounding area.  Fish, boat, and many more great water activities await your arrival.  Northeast Texas has many adventures waiting for to stop by and explore.