Monday, January 30, 2023

February Happenings


February will be upon us in just a few short days and here is a list of the acvitivies that will be going down in Sulphur Springs or the surounding area in the next month.  Book your stay at The Oaks bed and breakfast and then head out on your adventure from there.

February 3-4 - The Texas A&M rodeo will be held at the Hopkins County Civic Center

February 4 - Kids fishing day at Buford Park

February 4 - the Mother's Culture Club will be hosting their annual Father Daughter dance at the Civic Center

February 9 - Ducks Unlimited will be hosting their annual banquet

February 9-12 - USCHA is hosting their cutting tournament at the Civic Center

February 10-11 - Main Street Theater presents Savannah Sipping

February 16 - The Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce is hosting their annual Chamber banquet where they honor and acknowldge members in the chamber community

February 17-18 - Main Street Theater presents Savannah Sipping

February 17-19 - The Region 4 Rodeo will be held at the Civic Center

February 18 - The Kiwanis Club is hosting their annual Pancake breakfast

February 18-19 - Kirby Hill Roping will be held at the Civic Center

February 28-March 1 - Carden Circus will be in town, fun for the whole family

Monday, January 23, 2023

Travel East Texas ~ Cooper


    Just fifteen minutes North of Sulphur Springs and The Oaks bed and breakfast lies the bedroom community of Cooper, Texas.  The best part about Cooper is the State Park.  Before you hit the park be sure to pop downtown and grab a cup of coffee or cappuccino from Vetch.  Vetch is a cute coffee shop with a little bit of a farmers market vibe going on.  They offer fresh veggies and meat from local farmers along with condiments and other items for purchase along side your caffeine option of choice. 

    There are just a few places to drop in for other shopping with in the square.  A little boutique called Rosie and Co, right off the square and an antique shop.  I would have missed Rosie's had they not set out mannequins on the sidewalk.  Rosie & Co, has lots of great options and styles that fit the season.  The Antique shop has a great selection of items that you could spend  hours browsing through to find exactly what you want.

    The dining options are very few, just the coffee shop and Tejano's Tex-Mex.  Tejano's was a popular stop for all the locals who happend to be downtown.  But make sure they remember you are there, otherwise you have to ask to be served.  I was suprised to see that they had a guacmole enchilada with a spinach enchilada option on the lunch menu.  It's always nice to be able to order food and not have to make changes to fit your needs.  I will say downtown Cooper does have a super cute, walking book "tour" to read while wandering around the square.  A children's book has been placed around the square on little podiums and made to be protected from the weather.  It's a cute way to keep readers engaged and provide a creative way to exercise while reading. 

    Cooper Lake State Park is the perfect spot to spend the day.  Pack a pinic lunch and hit the trails.  The State Park has great hiking trails and shore line for all your outdoor needs.  Plus the park is always hosting events that are fun for the whole family.  Be sure to check out their website for more information on activities and adventures you can have while staying with us at The Oaks bed and breakfast, while exploring the outdoors.  Grab a fishing pole, binoculars and lunch and spend the day exploring Cooper Lake State Park.  

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Let's Eat ~ Tito's Ricos Tacos



   Happy New Year and welcome back to the Oaks Bed and Breakfast dinning out series "Let's Eat."  This year we are going to feature local food trucks that are in and around the Hopkins County area.  So if you have a suggestion please drop us a line on social media or send an email to let us know where you think we should head out to next,

    Our first visit this year is to Tito's Ricos Tacos.  Typically they are located behind the fire station on Bill Bradford across from Windsor Plaza in Sulphur Springs.  We drive by there all the time and so I could hardly wait to check out their eats.

    As you can imagine they have tacos, quesadillas, Mexican sandwiches, burritos and breakfast burritos.  There is bound to be a favorite that you can find and enjoy.  If you do not want to eat in your car they have a couple of picnic tables behind the truck to enjoy your food at.  

    I took my lunch back to the bed and breakfast to enjoy on our deck, since the weather has been pretty mild for January.  I picked up a few different options so the kids could let me know their favorite.  I asked the cook what is their best item and he told me quesadillas so of course we tried out the beef steak quesadilla.  Everyone really enjoyed it and found it to be their favorite.  They were even nice enough to make me a cheese only quesadilla, which was great. 

    I also picked up Marinated Pork and Chicken Fajita tacos just to add some variety into the meal.  The tacos were good but everyone enjoyed the quesadilla the best.  I should have picked up a sandwich too to see how they make their tortas, since back in the day we used to throw those down as a daily special at Coffee off the Square.  Maybe next time.  The red and green sauce that came with the quesadilla were on point.  A little more heat with the green than the red but each added wonderful flavor to an already great tasting meal. 

    Be sure to swing by Tito's Ricos when you are in town or passing by, I don't think you will be disappointed.  Next month we will stop by our next Food Truck looking for the best options in the county.  

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Herb Infused Cocktail ~ Pomegranate Champagne Spritzers


    To help ring in the New Year, we decided to select a cocktail that would have a few bubbles, since the New Year brings out all the sparkles and joy of making it around the sun one more time.  This drink is so simple to make and can be done in a big batch if you choose.  

    The flexibility of the sparkles makes this drink an easy one to fix directly to your taste buds.  We had a lovely sparkling wine to mix with ours, since I'm not the biggest fan of champagne.  I know, I'm sure I'm one of a few people who don't like champagne.  

    Based on what you select for your sparkling drink will determine how sweet your drink is.  The sweeter your wine or champagne the sweeter your drink.  The more dry your wine or champagne the drier your drink will be.  You get the idea.  

    Taylor this drink to your taste, that way you can get exactly what you want to drink to celebrate your next big event.  Since Pom is pretty much found year round now, you can enjoy this drink at any point in the year.  Here is how to make it.

Pomegranate Champagne Spritzer

1 oz. Fresh squeezed Orange Juice

2 oz. Pomegranate juice

6 oz of Champagne or wine of choice

    Pour everything into a high ball glass that is filled with ice.  Garnish with a fresh slice of orange, rosemary and mint.  You could go a little crazy and add some pomegranate to your glass as well.  Enjoy!

    It's that simple, the most amount of time spent is squeezing the orange juice from the fresh orange.  One medium sized orange should yield enough juice for a single serving of this cocktail.  Be sure to ask about our cocktail of the month on your next stay at The Oaks bed and breakfast, they will soon be the featured drink of the month.  

    Until then please drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.  Cheers from the Oaks bed and breakfast.

PS.  if you want to have see an herb featured this year in our cocktail series please be sure to drop us line at  We can't wait to hear from you.