Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Basil Vodka Gimlet - herb infused drinks


               Our herb infused drink this month is a Basil Vodka Gimlet.  Now I know you might be wondering why we are using vodka in our gimlet, when they are usually made with gin, and why not.  It’s just a twist on the traditional drink and uses a liquor I know we already have in our stash. 

               This is a great summer drink, especially since basil is growing in all it’s glory during the hot summer months.  This cool and refreshing drink is best consumed in a chilled glass, that will help keep your drink cool while sipping it on the back deck. 

               I will say that I did make my simple syrup so that I could add in an additional basil flavor to this drink.  I diced up two kinds of basil, purple and green, and cooked them into my syrup.  I figured this would add to the flavor of the drink.  Boy was I right, I love basil so it’s a stronger flavor in the syrup than just muddling it in the bottom of the shaker. 

               I dropped in five green basil leaves to the bottom of my shaker and muddled them with a bit of fresh lime juice.  Once I felt satisfied with that, I added in the rest of my ingredients.  A bit more lime juice, the simple syrup and vodka. Don’t forget the ice! Cover the shaker and give it good shake to meld all the flavors together.  Strain the liquid into the chilled glass.  Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and enjoy!

               What a great and refreshing option to enjoy during cocktail hour.  So simple and delicious. Click the link on the drink title to watch the video.  Hopefully it's all on there correctly.  I'm not holding out hope I got it correct this week.  



Basil Vodka Gimlet


5 or 6 green basil leaves, one for garnish


1 ounce fresh lime juice


½ ounce simple syrup


3 ½ ounces vodka


1.      Place half the lime juice and basil leaves in the bottom of the shaker to muddle.  Mash it all together

2.      Add the simple syrup, vodka and remaining lime juice.  Fill with ice to the top of the liquid.  Shake rapidly until the shaker if freezing your hands.

3.      Strain into chilled martini glass, and garnish with a basil leaf.  You could also garnish with a lime as well. 


Enjoy this great summer drink, with friends and yummy snacks.  Don’t forget to be safe and designate a driver.